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Life Insurance in St. Paul, MN

Helping Individuals and Families in St. Paul, MN and Beyond prepare for the Future

Life insurance is about preparing for the unforeseeable and, hopefully, unlikely. It provides financial protection for one’s family and dependents and can cover the costs of major life events and other important occasions. Whether you’re in St. Paul or Minneapolis, MN, or elsewhere, life insurance meets the needs of your loved ones in the case of your absence. 
At the John W. Traeger Agency, Inc., we work with you to develop a life insurance plan that creates a firm foundation for financial security and frees you of worry about the long-term wellbeing of your loved ones. We help you select the right coverages for the right plan and guide you through the sometimes complex environment of life insurance, all while ensuring that you pay the most cost-effective rates.

We’ve been providing life insurance to residents of Minnesota for decades, and our agents have the experience and knowledge necessary to make coverage selection and package purchasing easy and quick. Our agents also provide ongoing support and will help you maintain coverage that’s optimal for your budget and circumstances.
Independent Agents and Vast Options

Choosing a life insurance plan requires careful consideration. When to buy it and how much of it to buy are common considerations. Which of the four types of life insurance you purchase is another. Term, Whole, Universal, and Variable Universal life insurance all provide different coverages and benefits and have different costs. Regardless of which life insurance plan you choose, each plan is unique.
At the John W. Traeger Agency we know that your insurance plan must reflect your goals and must change as your plans and goals change. You may want to pay off debts and estate taxes, provide money for continuing mortgage payments, or keep a business running. No matter your needs or goals, we will help you make sense of your options and answer your questions to help you make an informed choice. 
We start with our coverage options, which include: 


  • Individual Life Insurance (Term, UL, Whole Life)

  • Group Life Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Second-To-Die Policy

  • Key Person (Key Men) Insurance


We’re an independent agency so we have the ability to shop on our clients’ behalves for the best coverage options. Independence also allows us to focus on our clients’ needs rather than the interests of a large insurance carrier. As a result we can help you explore options that serve you best and provide the greatest value. Our agents have the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure that you have a policy that fits you ideally.


Commitment to Detail, Accuracy, and Value

Life Insurance is a personal decision. The sensitive nature and details of this decision often necessitate speaking with a professional. As independent agents we can advocate for you and make sure that your policy is one that not only gives you confidence but gives you peace of mind.
Our agents are local and understand the dynamics of the communities they serve. This means that they’re more likely to understand and be able to help you evaluate your needs than other agents. Through thorough discussions they can help you make a sound choice about your life insurance. With personalized, friendly, and efficient services, they can make the experience easy. 
We will review your policy regularly and ensure that it continuously protects you in the way you want and need it to. These efforts will ensure that your investment pays off. To find out more, please contact us, give us a call, or request a free quote today.


The John W. Traeger Agency, Inc. is proud to provide life Insurance solutions in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Roseville, and North Oaks, MN.

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